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Arūnas Miliukas - Pick & Pay

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Artist Arūnas Miliukas was born in 1961. In Vilnius, Lithuania. He remained in his hometown, where he still lives and creates art. 1986 Arūnas Miliukas entered Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Art. 1993 after graduating from the institute, he began his professional career as an artist. The artist’s paintings are original and unpredictable, his boundless imagination giving life to extraterrestrial symbols, creatures and places. Arūnas Miliukas has been organizing exhibitions since 1997. His works was exhibited in Vilnius (Lithuania), Amsterdam (Holland), Holon (Israel), Malmö (Sweden). The artist's works have been acquired by galleries and collectors from Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, the USA, Australia and Italy.


"I do not believe in the world, and I do believe in fairy tales," said writer Henrikas Radauskas. The contemporary Lithuanian painter Arūnas Miliukas follows a similar philosophy. Miliukas' art is like one endless illusion with many characters and plots from the most beautiful fairy tales. Here we find Noah's dreamy ship, reminiscent of a new beginning, a misunderstood tower of Babel, a world carrying a snail on its shoulders - everything that balances reality and myth.


With his imagination inspiring life to the extraterrestrial inhabitants of his paintings. The subtle colors and fog in the air make viewers tweak themselves - isn’t that night’s dream? His works contain the most secret human thoughts and questions: where are we? where do we live what is real in our lives? is life, our world just a dream?


Arūnas Miliukas is an artist about whom his own paintings can mostly tell. Although the creator became in Vilnius, Lithuania, his works take him to the fantastic worlds of distant planets, magical cities and dreams. Educated imagination and the harmony of professional strokes will ensure that the painter's work will remain in your memory for a long time. The artist has been granted the status of An Artist.


The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania granted the status of an art creator in 2009.


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